Best Social Media Marketing Strategy

Best Social Media Marketing Strategy In the day social media give you tons of traffic for small business 2020. And going forward because of it working on pretty much, every platform that is a major player in social media right now. So basically what you want to do.

If you want to keep people on the platform for most of your posts so if you’re going to do a lot of organic social media marketing you want to keep people on the platform as much as possible. And you want to do 80% or so non linked posts you want to do about 20% with the links

With the sales with the business type stuff so let me illustrate this for you first let’s say you’re on Facebook one of the better Facebook marketers and social media marketers out there is Gary Vaynerchuk so I’m just going to use his page as an example so you look here you’ll notice that he posts a lot of his videos directly on Facebook actually uploads them directly to Facebook

Alright instead of doing links to youtube videos. why because youtube videos are competitors to facebook videos. They are two separate companies YouTube owned by Google and Facebook is you know another top social media platform.

So Facebook wants to keep people on Facebook as long as possible. so does Twitter, so does Instagram, so is Pinterest, so as YouTube, they all want to keep people on the platform because they can make money off of ads.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategy
they can make money off of product sales the most when you’re on their platform so if you do anything that encourages people to leave the platform for links or anything like that then their algorithms are not going to be very good to you they may not do anything crazy to keep you from getting views or anything

But they will not want to promote your stuff and give or reach so like this post right here you’ll notice these types of posts do very well you get two point six thousand engagements 546 shares fifty-eight comments

All that kind of stuff you have a lot of views just under twenty thousand views on this video but then you get to something that has like a link and typically you’ll see that

they just don’t do as well like this one 374 engagements it’s a wink to like an event or something like that so like for instance what you want to do here is you want to do 80% or so of things like photos quotes you know videos uploaded videos.

you don’t want to just send people to links to YouTube videos or anything like that you want to keep people on this on the page keep them on the platform keep them on the platform and then 20%

do links to your you know your webinars or however you are collecting emails or selling products sending people to your blog the can that kind of stuff so that’s basically what you want to do let’s look at Twitter

Now Twitter you can upload you know a couple dozen posts a day if you want to you see a lot of people do stuff like that but you’ll notice that links do not do near as well as photos uploaded videos

even though you do have to keep videos very short you should still experiment with uploading videos or like maybe short clips from your longer YouTube videos on Twitter big images that take up a lot of page real estate are good

Best Social Media Marketing Strategy

you have you know even news and comments on stuff but if you include a link typically you will not get near as much traction so anything that has to do with like actually sending people to a blog post or somethin

that’s not going to do near as well although you do need to do that like 20% of time for sales you look at Instagram they don’t even allow it they make you put your link right here

in the bio you can’t even do links on your Instagram posts you can only do hashtags and write a description if you look at Pinterest a lot of the top Pinterest posts are vertical images that have to do with like infographics or like this you know or you have something that is like if you’re doing a blog post you want to do like a vertical image

And do like text on it but mostly if you look at the top post a lot of them that are getting the most shares on Pinterest have to do with quotes or like do-it-yourself projects or things like infographics those types of things and then you have like YouTube,

of course, you can send people to links in your description but you know they’re not going to try to keep you from putting links anywhere on YouTube but when you do that when people leave YouTube after watching your video

Best Social Media Marketing Strategy
they’re not gonna help promote your video organically very much so like if you look at a lot of the top trending videos you look at someone like Joe Rogan his podcast has really taken off

people do people need to leave his videos for any reason is he trying to get you to buy a product. is he trying to get you to subscribe no he doesn’t care he’s just entertaining you that’s why a lot of entertaining channels do so well or even news channels.

you don’t really need to click anything for news they just tell you what’s going on in the video movie trailers you don’t need to click anything you just have a trailer that makes you decide

whether you want to go the movies later or not gaming you can watch people play video games they’re not necessarily trying to sell anything it’s a form of entertainment music videos

Best Social Media Marketing Strategy

you can just go from music video to music video so if you have videos that encourage people to watch other videos and stay on YouTube those are gonna do the best as far as organic push through their algorithms

so you look at any like the trending videos a lot of them are music videos a lot of them are news all of them are gaming a lot of their makeup tutorials and stuff like that stuff that’s entertaining funny informative but not really trying to make you quick anywhere else

So you know even with my channel one of the things that I was I should we do less of is sending people to links. And talking about tools in every single video because those tend to not get pushed.

As well YouTube even though that’s more of what my business is so you could even go to social blades. look at the topmost subscribed channels they’re all literally channels that do videos that do not send people off the page so think about that social media in general.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategy
what you want to do 80% photos quotes uploaded videos you know comments on stuff like news or whatever and then 20% you can do links sending people away you’ll notice that.

that’s pretty much something that works.on every single platform so hopefully that’ll help your small business and if you need more tips like this you can watch the playlist in the top

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