Bruno Mobil Legends Guide, Skill, Build Item Review

Bruno mobile legends Review Bruno mobile legends is one of the marksman heroes in the mobile legends game. This hero has the character of a ball player who uses the ball as his main weapon.

Bruno hero is very dangerous, compared to other marksman heroes, he has a critical attack that is greater than other hero marksman.

Bruno mobile legends Review

In addition to having a greater critical attack, Bruno hero also has very unique skills that are so dangerous one of which is the world wave skill . The skill not only deals damage to enemy targets but

is also able to do damage to all enemies who get bounced balls containing energy. For more details, refer to the following explanation of the Bruno Mobile Legends skill.

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Bruno Skill in Mobile Legends

  • Mecha Legs

Each skill capable of inflicting damage on the enemy increases the chances of a hero’s critical attack and can increase up to 5 times. This is a skill that can make Bruno have a huge critical attack.

  • Volly Shot

Kicking energy-filled balls at enemy targets that can deal 200 physical damage while slowing down the enemy. If the ball is taken by Bruno or the team it will reset the cooldown of this skill.

  • Flying Tackle

Giving a slide tackle to the front which can give a stunt effect to the enemy and produce 140 physical damage to the enemy while increasing the movement speed of the hero.

This skill can be used to chase escaped heroes and can also be used to avoid enemy team ganks.

  • World Wave

Kicking an energy-filled ball in a somersault style to the main target which deals 250 physical damage. After successfully hitting the main target, the ball will bounce

between the other enemies, reducing the armor’s defense by 3 points both the main target and the enemy affected by the reflection of the ball.

Because he has a high chance of critical attack originating from his passive skill, Bruno hero requires build items that not only increase damage and attack speed but also increase high critical chance, so that each basic attack is able to provide

maximum damage from critical attack. The higher the critical chance, the greater the chance to issue critical attacks. Check out the explanation of the following bruno mobile legends hero items.

Bruno Best Build Item Mobile Legends

Swift boots

Swift boots are the first item you must have at the beginning of the game, in addition to increasing the movement speed of the hero by +40 this also increases attack speed by 15%. Very useful to help the hero when farming.

Demon Hunter Sword

This second item adds +35 physical attacks and increases 25% attack speed. The unique effect will deal with 10% of the target’s HP as additional damage (up to 60 against monsters), so it’s very useful to fight monsters when farming a jungle
Berserker’s Fury

Guide Bruno Mobile Legends

Before starting the fight you must set the build items described above, and don’t forget to choose a battle spell. Bruno is retribution and choose the emblem fighter after choosing a hero.

At the beginning of the game Bruno hero must buy ninble balde items in order to speed up the leveling process, because at the beginning of the game Bruno hero must focus on leveling by defeating minions and forest monsters to have high levels and lots of items.

Because a Bruno marksman hero must choose the middle lane and keep the turret alone or solo to get a lot of experience and points.

If you already have two items and a high level, Bruno is obliged to crush the enemy turret and help your friends to play.

If the enemy turret has been destroyed, then you must join another team to help destroy the remaining turrets while protecting the existing turret.

When war hero position Bruno must be behind the tanker so as not to be attacked by enemies, my friend can use ultimate skills when seeing enemy team members are close together. Use the flying tackle skill to chase fleeing enemies or to avoid.

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