Best CPA Content Locking Niche 2020

CPA Content Locking Niche 2020 in this article I’m gonna show you five whitehat niches you can use for CPA build+Ogads or Cpagrip and any other content locking affiliate network obviously you can use these niches for any content locking network

if you have the right niche you can make a lot of money from it and this is what
I want to give you not strategies.

But niches because a lot of people do blackhead niches but it’s not necessarily if you have the right Whitehead niche you can do. you can do so great or earn more.

Niche Number One Its Courses And Guides

so if you have a course either you created yourself or you have the right to give it away put a
Content Locker on it and just promote it. it can be in the make money.

You can choose the fitness niche health or fitness niche it can be in cooking doesn’t matter
grab the course put a Content lock on it and see the boom. is the easiest if you have a guide showing how people how you can make 100 bucks a day.

if you know it just create the video so you the video is a guide and then put
the content locker in the video. And then just say in your own YouTube channel so hey if you want to know how to make hundred bucks a day

just check out the first link in the description and I am helping you for free and then the people gonna click your link check out the the page do the survey and you’re gonna get paid simple as that okay that’s number one.

2nd Niche Create Beats or Music Channel on Youtube

CPA Content Locking Niche idea 2020 Create a Music or Beats put the content lock on it because you could what you can do is create a YouTube channel and then show some of your beats or your music. And then for more just click the first link in the description.

And then they’re gonna visit your locker website if they’re interested they’re going to click the link and they do the survey. Because you’re gonna give them some mad as beats or some cool music.

Number Three Sports or Streaming website

CPA Content Locking 2020 3 This is where you can made a lot of money with CPAgrip or any other network. just content locking a link to a sports streaming site and then promoted to Twitter YouTube and Facebook.

special games like NFL or like a Champions League football or soccer. You know what I mean so you need to promote this is this is rather hard work but it pays off because a lot of sports freaks once the stream so you can make a lot of money with this niche.

Number 4 Coupon Discount Codes

odes so if you have some coupons or discount codes you can create a small page on Weebly or whatever or wigs or blogger it doesn’t matter and then combine them give away

one for free and then say hey if you want more I have like fifty or hundred more check out the link and then they click it and then they gonna do the survey a bit and you need to promote this best way to promote this is on Facebook in groups like moms

groups or well women hang out you know because women love coupons and discount codes so this is real easy but you need to be very niche targeted you know.

Number 5 Ticket Niche

last but not least these tickets and with tickets you need to do a giveaway

so let’s say you have to dig tickets for Disneyland or you have two tickets for a great rock’n’roll band what do you do you create a giveaway put it on Instagram and then follow a lot of people

and unfollow people in your in the same niche and then have put a lot of hashtags and then post post post and then putting your bio of the link and then just engage with other people in the niche and you account will be

growing and then later on you say hey I will be doing a giveaway and then you will have a you will have a great way of making money from this method.

So these were the five white hat niches you can use for content locking and earn more money more you spend time on it

This is the best cpa content locker niche idea for you. you can make money with these white hat niche

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