League of Legends Mobile Coming On Android & IOS

League of Legends Mobile is a MOBA game created by Riot games. Among the many recently released games in this genre, LoL stands out above all because it is completely free.

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Well, maybe it is not entirely true because there is something to spend money on, they are e.g. alternative looks for the characters but no one forces us to buy them. No spending is one thing,

but is the gameplay good and varied enough to pull the player in for longer? This is where LoL spreads its wings. LoL Mobile releasing in 2020

Compared to its original, that is DOTA, it offers not one but 3 different maps on which the gameplay is significantly different. And so we have modes 5vs5, 3vs3 and Dominion.

Let’s start from the beginning, however, the game is accessible to everyone, be it a game player of this type or a new person who has not had contact with him yet.

Each player should complete two tutorials in which he is prepared for the proper game. If, despite completing the Tutorial, we still do not feel confident,

we can of course instead of playing against human opponents play several rounds in cooperation mode where the players fight with AI.

The first standard game mode is 5 out of 5 and to be honest it belongs to my favorites

Our main task is to destroy the so-called beliefs The inhibitors will then do the same with them and open the way to the leveling of the main building of the enemy base – Nexus.

In addition to our hero, minions, i.e. AI-controlled creatures, that help us in this task wander towards the enemy base.

With this mode, I had fun before and a large number of heroes need to be teamed up. Rarely can one person win the whole game, and if they do it because of the lack of “teamplay” in the opposing team.

Similar to the so-called Summoner Rift is Twisted Treelines, in which two three-person teams face each other.

The goal is of course the same. However, instead of three lines and a large map, we only have two and the map itself is much smaller. This does not mean that the game is worse.

This is a faster mode that also forces cooperation, but the skills of individual players are more important here. While in summoner rift one person can not do much left alone against five enemies,

here in the fight against three has a chance and often a well-chosen character with the right equipment alone copes with the entire opposing team.

League of Legend Mobile Review

League of Legends Mobile

The last of these modes is Dominion, which is significantly different from the other two. This is a kind of point capture game.

Our task is to take over most of the five points on the map. Once this is achieved, the points in the opponent’s pool will start to decrease.

Each team has 500 points. This is a very dynamic mode and extremely unpredictable. I saw matches in which the team with just one point won,

while its opponents had a hundred of them. Each of these modes offers something different, so even the most demanding players will find something for themselves.

What else does LoL offer us? First of all, there is a wide range of 84 characters today, although another or even two join them within a month. Built-in chat rankings,

or the ability to create your own teams with unique names and try your hand at tournaments are just a small part of the fun LoL gives.

What else deserves attention? First of all, technical support. In case of problems with the game, etc. We can write to the men from the support even in Polish and soon we will receive an answer.

To sum up, League of Legends Mobile is the best MOBA game so far, a large number of characters, modes and above all availability for new players make LoLa one of the best games I could play.

I wish Riot to further develop his work if I were to rate it would be 9/10. I encourage you to play, see you in the League.

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