Mobile Legends Type Of Hero Role

Mobile Legends Type Of Hero Role Before you start playing the mobile legends game , it is better for you to be familiar with the types of roles (heroes) in mobile legends.

Knowing the role (hero) is a must for mobile legends game lovers, the main goal is that my friend does not choose the wrong hero when he wants to play.

In mobile legends game there are 6 types of roles, namely Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Support. For more details, buddy, see the explanation below:

First Role is Tank

Mobile Legends Type Of Hero Role

Hero Tank is a type of hero that focuses on high defense and has a lot of HP.
In every war hero tank must stand at the front. With the advantages of high HP and defense,

the hero tank serves as a shield to protect other heroes who are behind. In addition to being a shield, the Tank hero also serves as the leader of other heroes during the war, and also as a pioneer when he wants to start the war.

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The heroes of the Tank type are: Franco, Lolita, Tigreal, Akai, Minotaur, Johnson, Atlas, Esmeralda, Khufra, Uranus, Baxia, Belerick, Grock, Hilda etc.

2nd Role is Fighter

Mobile Legends Type Of Hero Role

The combat hero position is generally behind the tank, but most ML players fill the combatant’s position parallel to the tank, that is because the combat hero is equipped with strong defense even though not as strong as a tanker and capable attack ability.

As for the heroes that belong to the type of fighters are: Balmond, Alucard, Yun Zhao, Bane, Chou, Ruby, Freya, Sun, Alpha, Silvana, Badang, Thamuz, Martis, Roger, Lapu lapu, Terizla, etc.

3rd Hero role is Assassin

Mobile Legends Type Of Hero Role

As the name implies, a killer hero is a hero whose job is to kill an opposing hero while doing battle. With the ability to attack greater than a warrior hero, a hero killer must be able

to see the target you want to execute. But assassin heroes don’t have strong defenses like warriors, therefore killer heroes must always be behind warriors and tank heroes.

As for the heroes that belong to the killer type groups are: Saber, Alucard, Yun Zhao, Hayabusa, Fanny, Karina and Natalia, Gusion, Hanzo, Ling, Lancelot etc

4th Role is Witch (Mage)

mobile legends kadita wallpaper

Heroes with this type of magic have very low endurance compared to killer heroes, but this type of hero has a powerful magic attack to kill enemy heroes.

Magicians are very dependent on Mana, because every magic skill that is released always requires a lot of Mana.

The type of hero witches are: Eudora, Nana, Alice, Karina, Gord, Kagura, kadita, pharsa, Lunox, harley, laylia, guinevera, Valir, Aurora etc.

5th Role is Marksman

mobile legends bruno

The shooter hero is a long-range killer hero. Focusing on attack power, the shooter type hero is very deadly to the enemy hero. Has the same task as a killer hero but the shooter hero kills

his target with a long distance. But the weakness of this hero in melee attacks, the hero of the shooter will be very vulnerable to lose when doing close combat.

Heroes that belong to this type of shooter are: Miya, Layla, Clint, Bruno, Yi Sun-Shin, Moskov, granger, claude, kimmy, lesley, karrie etc.

6th and the last support hero

mlbb support hero

The last is a supporting hero. This type of hero does not have great attack power like a killer hero and a shooter hero to kill an opponent. But supporting heroes have unique skills to help other heroes in battle.

The heroes included in the supporting type groups are: Lolita, Nana, Rafela, Minotaur.

Thus the introduction of the types of roles (heroes) in the legendary mobile game . Hopefully with this article my friend ML lovers can find out about the types of roles (heroes) in the mobile game Legends.

this is the Mobile Legends Type Of Hero Role

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