Mobile Legends Zhask Review And Best Build

Mobile Legend Zhask: Nightmaric User with 4 Active Skills – Zhask Mobile Legend is one of the mage heroes that was just released some time ago.

This hero is very different from all the heroes in the legendary mobile game, where each hero can use 3 skills to fight but this hero has 4 skills that can be used to fight.

Besides having 4 hero skills this mage also has a very unique skill ability, where he can issue nightmaric.

Nightmaric is an insect spirit that has been fully manipulated by the kastiyans, where it can attack nearby enemies. In addition,

the Legend of ZHask Mobile also has some very dangerous skills for its opponents. Check out the full explanation of the following zhask mobile legend skills.

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Zhask Mobile Legend skill

  • Decimation

When defeated, zhask will blow himself up and deal damage to nearby enemies.

  • Nightmaric Spawn

Summon and issue nightmaric at a predetermined location and attack nearby enemies. After issuing 2 basic attacks, nightmaric will emit a laser beam that can hit the target and attack it continuously.

  • Mind Eater

Eject missile bullets that can penetrate mentally in the direction that has been determined. Every enemy that is passed will receive magic damage. This skill also allows nightmaric to issue a mind eater once.

  • Hive Clones

Take out the nightmaric clone in the direction that has been determined where the clone can explode if it comes in contact with the enemy. And reduce the enemy’s speed of movement.

  • Dominator Descent’s

Increases the ability of nightmaric substantially and improves all of its attributes.

Build Zhask Mobile Legend

Zhask mobile legend is a mage hero who relies heavily on attack speed and magic damage. That is because the higher the attack speed ability of the hero, the higher the attack speed ability on nightmaric.

To maximize the ability of heroes and nightmaric, build items are needed that not only increase attack speed and magic damage, but also increase defense for heroes. The following will explain building the right item for the legendary mobile zhask hero.

Build Zhask Mobile Legend

Guide Zhask Mobile Legend

  • Equipment
  • Spell: Flicker
  • Emblem: Magic Emblem

At the beginning of the game the zhask hero can choose the upper lane or lower lane and keep the turret alone or together with the team hero, try together with the hero tank in order to protect the hero from enemy attacks when he wants to surrender the enemy turret.

When entering the beginning of the game, the legendary mobile hero zhask and the team can immediately kill enemy heroes to destroy the turret. Use nightmaric to help the minions attack the turret.

Occasionally defeat the forest monsters in the enemy area or take out enemy buffs so that enemy heroes are slow to level. After destroying the turret in the enemy lane, the zhask hero can help the hero in the other lane or still protect the turret.

When participating in the battle the Zhask team must find a safe position from enemy hero attacks. When you want to use the skill to issue Nightmaric try to find the right location,

so that Nightmaric can attack all enemy heroes that are nearby. Use ultimate skills if the nightmaric position is correct and the team hero has released his stun ability.

Because they have very low defenses, the zhask hero must always be with the team to avoid enemies who want to gang up. Always use nightmaric to help destroy turrets.

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