Make Money Doing Pinterest marketing

Pinterest Marketing Guided Search How to extract Millions of Traffic Referrals. Like with all other social networks,having a loyal follower base is very much essential to your success on Pinterest.

Before you start adding followers, I would advise you to create a few Pinboards (according to the choice of your niches).

Following someone on Pinterest is a little bit different from that on the Facebook or Twitter. Here a user has two options:

  1. He can follow a particular person’s specific pin-board
  2. He can opt to follow that person’s account

When a user chooses the first option, he’ll be notified only when some new item is pinned on that board(the one he is following).

In the second case, he’ll be notified every time that particular person adds anything new to any of his pinboards.

In order to get the ball rolling just follow a few persons who are interested in your niche, re-pin their interests and comment on their boards.

Most of them will follow you back. If you are short on time, there is another option too.

Just go to Fiverr and search for “pinterest”(without quotes)
As you can see from the screenshot above, there are a lot of gigs related to
Pinterest (over 200) and dozens of people are waiting to provide you a jumpstart for

Pinterest followers

Just look at the screenshot. There is a person who is offering 500 likes to your Pinterest pin for $5 and there is another guy who’ll provide 500 “likes” to your pinboard for $5.

Then there is person who’ll follow you and re-pin all your pins for $5. These are some excellent offerings that you can use to set up huge viral marketing campaigns right away, literally for just $5.

Highly Potent Viral Ways To Get Thousands Of rabid Followers Within Pinterest marketing Guided Search

Share High Quality Visual Content:

Pinterest is a visual social platform so the emphasis should be on sharing high
quality images (and videos) that generate curiosity and get clicks.

If you intend to promote physical products (products from Amazon and elsewhere), this can be very easy as most of the products there have attractive pictures.

Many individual merchants will also provide you high quality images of their products as the promotional material.

In the case you are thinking about promoting CPA products or Click bank products, getting high quality ready made pictures may be a little bit difficult as some sellers don’t provide them.

In such cases I would advise you to hire a freelancer to create a couple of attractive images that can be used to promote that product(make sure that these pictures relate with that product well).

If you are trying to build a following for your blog/site, I would advise you to use at least one high quality image in every post and then pin it(the image) at your pinboard.

Pinning infographics is also a great way to attract new prospects. The “Internet Marketing” niche is the most suited for such images but graphics and data charts can be used very effectively in almost any niche that can be imagined.

Interact With Other Like Minded People:

Regular interaction with other like minded members is the surest way to increase
your following on any social networking site and once you gain a critical follower
base, the whole thing will start running on autopilot as your existing followers will do all the promotional work for you.

The best way to do this is find a few people who are interested in products related to your niche and start re-pinning and commenting on their pins. In this way,not only many of these people will follow you back,

many of their other followers will start following you and within just a few days you’ll be getting dozens of followers every day without any active effort on your part.

Create A Guest Pinner Gallery:

Creating a user generated pinboard is the MOST POTENT way of building a community of passionate people and taking massive leverage from other people’s efforts.

This is very similar to populating a new forum. You can start creating such boards as soon as you have gotten a couple hundred followers. Just ask them to contribute to your board and they will be more than happy to share their favorite items.

If you are an info product marketer, ask your customers to contribute to your board. Your affiliates and JV partners can also be of great help here and they can provide you all the initial momentum to leverage testimonials in a unique,visual way.

Such communities are known to grow virally and if you play your cards right, getting a few thousand users to your board should not be a difficult task.

Host A Contest

Hosting a contest is one of the most effective ways to advertise your products/brand virally and build a massive fan following.

Many marketers have used prize competitions (or some other incentives like free copies of paid products) and quizzes to build massive lists and instant!

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