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Twitter is Increasing day by day with worldwide Alexa Ranks 8. It has got around 200 million members and it is bound to grow in the future.

Twitter is one of the largest and most active social networks in the world with over 1 billion tweets posted per week and over 500 million users. In this in-depth course you’ll learn how craft a quick, effective Twitter marketing strategy that brings you new business, leads, and opportunities.

Checklist of how to get the most out of Twitter in just 10 minutes Proven strategies for attracting quality, targeted followers on Twitter What your tweets should be about,

and the tweets that get “re tweeted” most How to set up and tweak your Twitter account for maximum marketing power The time-saving tools you need to automate your tweets while still maintaining high levels of engagement and building real, personal relationships with prospects.

In the past couple of years, this amazing platform has been misused by marketers. While it is true that Twitter can send hundreds of hits to your site in no time , you’ll have to use it wisely and develop a proper presell funnel to convert those visitors into buyers.

If you follow the strategy outlined below, you’ll get thousands of followers in any niche you Promote. and it makes your position as an expert which will then result in more traffic to your site and increase the sales and revenue.


So first of all you would like to make a follower base of your own. Some people start following anyone they see. This is not the right way. You won’t like to be followed by an Internet marketer if you are dealing in Self Improvement niche.Obviously you want targeted followers only .

The Easiest Way To Get Thousands Of Followers In Your niche
To advertise your products and services, you need followers. Having a dedicated follower base is very similar to having a mailing list.

Here we need to use this Trick to get thousands of interested followers in a few weeks. Follow The Followers Of A GURU Or Authority Figure In Your niche.

One sure way to get targeted followers is to find an authority figure in your niche and start following his/her followers. According to my experience 30-50% follow you back.

If you don’t know any GURU in your niche then type the name of that niche (or any related keyword) in Google search and find the names of the owners of a few top sites.

Now, login to your Twitter account and click on the “find people” link on the right side Then just type the name of some popular internet marketers. Then type their names in twitter’s “Find People” and start following their followers.

Twitter Follower Gain

Twitter has now put a limit on the number of people you can follow in a day. No account is allowed to follow more than 1,000 in one day

So initially Its advisable you to follow 500 people in a batch. Keep a time delay of 12 hours between these batches. Thus in two days of period you’ll reach the 2,000 following mark.

Now Twitter will not allow you to follow more people until a ratio between following and followers is maintained.

Twitter make money online
To maintain that ratio,you would like to unfollow the people who are not following you. You can do so manually but it’ll take a lot of time so use a mass unfollow tool called “Twitter Karma”another tool to unfollow is “manage flitter” or use this great tool “Follower Filter“.

The below is the Perfect master mind formula to Increase your sales and business, you need to understand this.

When you use your niche related keywords to find people in twitter to follow these are people like you with same Interest so its easy to follow up. These are your potential buyers.

Best Method to follow interested people is to type the name of your niche(or some of related keywords) in the Twitter search box or use the advance twitter search and follow the people who have recently mentioned that keyword in their tweets. Here you get most active members.

and the great thing is you can search through different keywords to get more exposure. The advance twitter search screen Put some good keywords related to your Product/niche, here you will get 100 times more organic results

Advance search twitter

Download Twhirl This Desktop application is use to check your twitter feeds directly from your desktop computer.

Now use Tweetlater you can set your Twitter account to send an auto message to your new followers which says like “Thank you for following me”.This makes your interaction with them more personal and also saves your time. in sending the thank you notes personally.

Create an account in SocialOOmph this is my favorite tool to speed up my work, Boost your social media productivity — it doesn’t have to be a manual time-consuming process! Twitter, Facebook (profiles, pages,

Importance of your Twitter Account To engage

Who can discount the viral power of Twitter? Actually many marketers think Twitter as an instant traffic machine and try to spam it, The result? They fail to see any return on even the time they spent spamming.

The truth is that if properly used, Twitter can be one of the greatest brand building and lead generation platforms(especially holds in the non-IM niches).

If you really want to use Twitter to increase your follower base virally and make it a lead getting machine, you should follow the points described below:

Step 1.

Create A Logo That Instantly Hooks Up Your Prospects Creating a logo that properly represents your niche and style is the first step towards your Twitter success.Your profile picture is the first thing that your prospects will be looking at. You need to create a logo that instantly gains their

Interest and further inspires them to visit your blog .Several famous blogger use the logo of their blog as their profile picture and it is great for the branding purpose.You can use your own picture at this place,if you don’t want to create a logo.

Step 2. Create A Background

Creating a custom background that matches with the theme of your blog is very essential.It is very similar to creating a customized website and adds immense value to your brand awareness.

Step 3. Create An Attractive Bio:

The second step is to create an attractive bio: one that clearly explains what you do

as well as compels the visitors to follow you and visit your blog.So many bloggers leave this vital section uncomplete or create it halfheartedly.Believe me,your bio contributes at least 40% in getting you new followers.

Step 4. Tweet Regularily:

This is very important aspect that most of the newbie bloggers ignore.You can’t expect to build a loyal following by being undisciplined.Keep in mind that internet is a huge ocean.People’s attention spans here are very short and they’ll forget you faster than you thought, if you don’t show up regularly.

Step 5. Social Proofs Matter

The three factors namely:The no. of followers you have,the no. of people you are following(many marketers use it to manipulate their “followers” count) and the no.

of tweets you have sent ,act as social proofs.

You’ll notice that it becomes much easier to get new followers,once you have a few hundred followers.The whole thing acts like the “snowball” effect.

To start with ,just start following the followers some popular expert in your niche or type a few keywords related to your niche in Twitter search and start following people you have previously tweeted about that topic.

Step 6. Provide Massive Value:

This point is of paramount importance.So many marketers repeatedly make the mistake of spamming their followers.First they painstakingly add thousands of followers and then loose all the benefit by posting blatant promotions.

While promoting something on Twitter,you should always remember the fact that this platform allows you to use only 140 characters in one message and you can not convey all of your message in that short space.So instead of trying to sell directly from the Twitter,first send them to your blog,where you can presell them a little more in detail .

Here I would advise you to refrain from any kind of promotion until you build some level of trust and credibility among your followers.You build your reputation by providing helpful,high quality content.

I would say that you shouldn’t promote anything for the first 2-3 weeks.Once your followers develop enough belief in you.

Step 7.

Share Useful Resources: Besides sharing your own content,don’t forget to post links to useful content and

resources that you find at other people’s sites.See,it doesn’t matter if content is posted on your site or on someone else’,your followers will be thanking you if they find the content useful.

Take Leverage From Twitter’s Viral Features: Like Facebook,Twitter too provides you enormous platform to go viral. It’s re tweet

facility enables users to spread the information they like.As we all inherently lazy, including a script that that allow your visitors to re-tweet your message with just a click is a great idea. In the last couple of years,several scripts have been developed around this idea.

In order to get your message go “viral”,you would need to provide your users some kind of “valuable” incentive. It can easily be a free report. Just condense some of your content and compile it to make at least 15 pages. Then you can place your re- tweet message below your opt-in form and get your visitors to re-tweet it by offering that extra freebie if they spread your message.

The “Viral Tweet” script is the best tool for this purpose. It allows your visitors to login to their Twitter accounts right at your site, re-tweet your message and also to follow you.

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