Wikipedia Traffic Generator from Citations & Dead Links

Wikipedia gets visitors from google, youtube and reddit and thats what I always tell people stop all Paid traffic Trap.

Traffic except Google adwords and bing ads which really have standards maintain to Profit the advertisers and Publishers too.

I work daily one hour on Wikipedia because I know Wikipedia gives the strongest backlinks You Ever can imagine.

Wikipedia with alexa ranking 6 world wide has some meaning, It is one of the biggest & oldest sites on the web with most active members like Facebook Groups.

If you search Wikipedia almost 90% results you get are always from top 100 alexa ranking as it has a strongest authority.

Why Wikipedia gives you traffic?

because it has a daily work done by millions of users and updated and edited carry a huge amount of weight and authority every hour so gives very quick Front.

a place to get natural backlinks from other places and people as people use Wikipedia as an information source using your site as a reference

Step 1. Go and register your account in Wikipedia. now edit your sandbox place to edit the content well its really easy any one can do this just write your story whatever you have in your mind your links etc

Step 2. go to this site:

Now enter your keywords here to search any thing like I searched here How to Earn $ 100 Everyday, I get the below results with results that need citations and

broken links here you can click on the buttons at the top to filter them accordingly.

Now edit these dead links with your links 🙂 If you are just Inserting your meaningless links to a site with poor quality content that has nothing to do with the required citation or dead link fix it first, as it is not going to get approved.

as Wikipedia has a team of moderators who carefully check and clean the spammers.

Now you need a very good content to edit and then put your affiliate, website etc links but remember the moderators won’t allow you to use this dirty trick so before using this please be specified what you are inserting.

Do it every day till you start earning at-least $ 10,000 Per month its a long journey yet, this is one of the biggest good-ass work of GURU’s.

Thanks for reading

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